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Dog Grooming

Furology provides professional, fun, caring and safe dog grooming for the canine companions of the Raleigh Durham area. We are a cage-free in home salon and all guests receive personalized 1-1 attention during their stay with us.

We  use a luxury line of products from Les Poochs and Iv San Bernard and carry a variety of shampoos and creme rinses that are customized for each individual pet's needs. At Furology we provide all inclusive services, there are no surprise add ons or up-selling, all pets receive the services they deserve. All services include a consultation upon arrival where we will discuss grooming preferences, temperament, skin and coat needs, and medical conditions. We are well versed in dog behavior, common skin conditions, breed cuts and are accommodating of special needs or senior pets.

Following your consultation your furry friend will be prepared for their bath service with nail filing, ear cleaning and a brush out. During this time we will be looking over your pet for excess coat, new lumps or bumps, skin conditions, hair quality, parasites and mats. Based upon those observations we will hand select and mix the perfect shampoo and conditioner combination based on their needs and make note of anything that looks questionable like skin growths, dirty ears, or ingrown nails. Each pet receives a 5-10 minute full body massage while they soak in their shampoo, we get between each toe, skin fold and wrinkle! A gentle warm water rinse is performed before another 5-10 minute soak in their custom conditioner to seal in the hydration for optimal skin and coat health. Every pet at Furology enjoys a warm bath for at least 10 minutes, there is no rushing through this relaxing service - it is the foundation for an amazing groom! After a gentle towel dry each pet is hand dried straight through without ever going in a crate or being left alone with a cage dryer. Every strand is blown out and combed to ensure there are no knots or extra coat remaining. Our service is completed with an optional haircut, cologne, and bow or bandana.


All dogs are unique and prices below are used as a guide only. Prices will vary based on these factors: temperament, condition, and frequency of grooming.

Services Menu

Luxe Haircut Service $90+

Includes a nail trim and buff, ear cleaning, brush out, custom luxury bath with creme rinse, a soothing blueberry facial scrub, blow dry, custom haircut and cologne; if desired. 

Luxe Bath Service $80+

Our Luxe Bath includes a nail trim and buff, ear cleaning, brush out, custom luxury bath with creme rinse, a soothing blueberry facial scrub, blow dry, and cologne; if desired. Complimentary sanitary and paw pad trimming available upon request. Service includes undercoat removal as needed.

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