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Grooming 101 - Nail Trimming

You know Bailey is coming to see you before she comes around the corner - you can hear the distinct clicking of her nails on your hardwood floors. Once the click-clacking starts you know she is due for a nail trim, read on to learn how to prevent overgrown nails and damage to your home before it begins.

All dogs need their nails trimmed regularly to avoid nasty complications and overgrown quicks.

But what, exactly; is a quick, anyway?

The quick is a blood vessel within each nail.

As your dogs nails grow, this quick will slowly extend along with it. When nail trims are delayed it can take months to safely get the nails back to a short and healthy length. It may look like your groomer did not cut off much nail and that is okay, it takes time! After each nail trim the tip of the quick loses blood flow and recedes overtime. Oak City Pets includes nail filing with every service which is the most effective way to achieve and maintain healthy nails.

We recommend nail trim services in between your dog's normal grooming routine and as frequently as once a week. When nails become overgrown it's important to bring your dog in once a week to once every two weeks for several months to ensure the quicks recede and nails can be taken shorter.

Complications from overgrown nails

When nails are left to grow they can cause a plethora of problems for your dog. Long nails that touch the ground put added pressure against your dog's nail bed and toes which will cause pain and uneven weight distribution making normally fun activities like running and playing fetch painful. Remember, dogs don't always show signs of pain like humans do. In extreme cases nails can curve, spiral and grow into their delicate paw pads which require a trip to the veterinarian and a course of antibiotics.

This is where a vicious cycle may begin. As a result of the pain your dog feels he may not enjoy having his feet handled and nails clipped. It can create a stressful situation at the groomer or vet for you, your dog and whomever is performing the nail clipping. In turn you may extend the length of time between nail clippings to avoid the stress and 'scaring' your dog which will lead to more pain in the long run.

We hope this article gives helps you understand the importance of nail trims for your dogs before you may run into any issues. If your dog already dislikes nail trimming services keep and eye out for our next article that will provide advice on desensitizing your dog to nail trims and grooming through positive reinforcement and desensitization.



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