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Best Dog (and cat) Gifts for 2017

I don't know about you but I can never leave our cats our of the holiday festivities. One year we sent out Christmas cards of ours dressed up like elves and we make sure they have a stocking full of goodies every year. If you're stuck on what to get your pet this holiday season check out this list of presents that features a range of items including toys for tech-loving terriers and locally made custom items for our lovable furry compatriots.

8. Chuck It

A Chuckit will throw a ball further than your dog could ever imagine. This classic toy is available in a variety of sizes for even the toy dogs in your life that can't get enough fetch. Not only can you get a great throw in but you avoid all of that icky dog slobber...win!

Find it here

7. Bully Sticks

High quality bully sticks are low in fat and high in protein, they help promote dental health, are completely digestible and dogs LOVE them. Just don’t google what they are made from….Find bully sticks here

6. iFetch

The iFetch is an automatic ball thrower to keep your pooch entertained even when you’re away. This awesome toy comes in different sizes for toy sized dogs to larger breeds and it is for indoor or outdoor use. Skip the guilt while you binge watch Stranger Things and let iFetch work your pooch!

5. Petzi

Petzi is a smart device that will let you see and speak to Fido while you’re away and you can even surprise him with treats! Snap pictures, serenade with a song or just check in throughout the work day.

4. Custom Pottery Dog Dish

How is your pooch to know if it’s really his bowl if it isn’t personalized? These beautiful stoneware dishes are handmade in North Carolina and come varying colors. Check out their wonderful Etsy shop here.

3. Monogrammed Custom Pet Blanket

The days are colder and the nights are longer this time of year which leads to more snuggle time on your furry friend’s very own monogrammed blanket. Made in North Carolina! Check out their totally cute Etsy shop here.

2. Custom martingale collars

Available in a variety of prints, colors, and fabrics these customizable martingale collars from IfItBarks are totally rad and make for a wonderful gift. Made in North Carolina! Check out their Etsy shop here.

1. Tagsforhope

These animal ID tags are just like miniature versions of our own licenses! Not only are they totally cute (pictured above is Oak City Pets own Professor Zigmund Meow) but they support 200+ organizations across North America and provide shelter animals with food and treatment. Tags For Hope benefits the following North Carolina organizations: Cause for Paws Of NC, Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society, Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation, Rainbow Animal Rescue, Inc, SPCA of Wake County, and Adopt4LovePets, Inc.

Or, for the pet that has everything consider a donation in your pet's name to these wonderful organizations!

Independent Animal Rescue

Cause for Paws of NC

Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society

Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

Rainbow Animal Rescue, INC.

SPCA of Wake County

Adopt4LovePets, INC.

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