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Beat Bad Doggie (and kitty) Breath

Most dogs and cats suffer from periodontal disease by age 3. It's important to develop a dental routine early on with your pet so they can lead a happier, healthier and longer life. There are countless pastes, water additives, and treats; but which products are best?

Brushing your pets teeth daily can extend the time between or eliminate the need for professional dental cleanings. I hate the idea of putting my pets under anesthesia for a dental cleaning, especially our resident senior cat Ziggy. Check out the following tips for improving your pet's dental health!

1) Out of sight, out of mind

Whatever your chosen product is keep it in an obvious place instead of tucked inside of a drawer. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown a beauty product in a drawer and forgotten all about it. Keep your pet's dental gel near your own toothpaste, their food, or even their toy box so you will see it and remember to use it.

2) Positive Reinforcement

You can train any animal to do anything you want if you have patience and find what motivates them. Don't get frustrated and angry when your pet resists toothbrushing at first. Our kitties are clicker trained and LOVE food. Marley is still hesitant for the gel application but we are sure to reward him immediately with a click and a tasty treat. Find what your pet loves and make your new dental routine a positive experience. Stick. With. It.

3) Use certified products

Don't let flashy marketing fool you. Humans have the American Dental Association and pets have the Veterinary Oral Health Council! Look for treats endorsed by the VOHC. Approved products will have the VOHC seal on them.

I prefer to go the easy route and use a unique enzymatic gel from Tropiclean. There is no pinning an angry cat down and physically brushing their teeth and there is far less blood shed when I use the gel on my three cats. All it takes is a drop of gel on their large canine teeth once a day; how easy is that?! Their tongue works as a toothbrush to move the gel around their mouth. Over time this amazing gel softens the tartar buildup and allows it to be removed when they munch on their kitty crunchies.

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