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Cat Grooming Myths

When I tell people I am a dog groomer they don't bat an eyelash, they usually ask if I ever get bit or gush over how much fun it must be to play with puppies all day. Yes it is fun, but we're not here about the dogs; we're here to talk cat grooming! When I tell people I am a cat groomer they usually tell me 'my cat grooms himself', 'my cat hates water', or 'I'd like to see you give my cat a bath.'

Cats are superior beings but they certainly don't groom themselves. They also may be apprehensive about water initially but they absolutely do not hate it. In fact, did you know that there is a domestic breed of cat that swims? They are called Turkish Vans and they are awesome af. Read on to learn about cat grooming myths any why professional cat grooming is essential to their overall health.

Cat Grooming Myths

Myth 1. Cats Groom Themselves

Fluffy lounges in the suns rays on the living room floor grooming herself silly on a daily basis; it seems she's always either sleeping, grooming, or eating. It's a very common myth that cats groom themselves but they really don't: they lick themselves. Your cat is covered in saliva. Sticky, yucky, cat saliva. Then they do their business in their litter box, lick their little feet some more, then lick themselves again. Now your kitty has kitty saliva with remnants of kitty litter and kitty business all over themselves. Not such a pretty picture, is it?

Myth 2. Cats Hate Water

We are indoctrinated to believe that cats hate water, just like elephants are scared of mice and dogs are colorblind. It's simply not true. Two of my three cats will literally jump into the bathtub after I have taken a shower. One of them used to sit there and watch the water drain out, but we always knew something was a little off about him. Creepy cat Marley and his weird habits aside, most of the cats I've worked with since 2010 have absolutely no problem with a full bath. Don't get me wrong, some cats absolutely hate the bathing process but they are few and far between. It's imperative to establish trust and introduce the bathing process so that it is not scary or threatening.

Myth 3. You Can't Groom My Cat

This usually comes up when a guest stops by the salon while I'm working with a cat. After they realize it is in fact a cat and not a weird looking dog I usually hear 'my cat would never let you do that!' I've heard some harrowing tales of sopping wet cats escaping to salvation under a bed, torn shower curtains, cats running to refuge in ceilings, or even using their humans as living scratching posts. The difference between a professional grooming and at-home grooming is simple: we have the tools, education, and experience to handle even the most aversive kitties.

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